Tips On How You Can Clean Your Carpet Better

Cleaning your carpet to the best of your abilities can still leave those annoying and nasty stains on your carpet. It will be hard to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening, the best thing you can do is to learn how to completely remove them when they occur. Here are a few secrets that are tested and proven to clean your carpets more effectively.


When you are tackling carpet stains, it is best to have a cleaning solution and a clean cloth or a paper towel. A common mistake made when trying to remove a stain is that people attempt to rub the stain away, this will cause it to spread. Try dabbing the cloth to the stain and the pressure that you apply to the stain will allow to soak it up. Also, it will be best to start dabbing the outer layer going in, it will avoid it from spreading.

Club soda is not only a nice mix when you drink gin, but this liquid is highly effective with carpet stains. If the stain is not so dark you can try applying it on cloth and start dabbing it until it goes away. Professionals in said that if you need a stronger solution you can try mixing it with one part vinegar and the other part water. Spray the solution on the stain and let is rest, after waiting for 15 minutes you can get a sponge and soak the stain away just like that.

Shaving cream is not just for giving you a nice clean look but it can also give your carpet that brand new look while fighting stains at the same time. All you have to do is apply the cream on the stain and let it dry out for a while. This will allow the stain to let loose  and it will be ready to be soaked up by a cloth by blotting it away. You can spray the area with an acidic solution to further cleanse that area.

Chewing is one of the hard and grossest things to try and take out from a carpet, but freezing will allow you to remove it with great ease. All you have to do is get a few pieces of ice cubes and put it on top of the chewing gum for about a minute. This will literally freeze the gum and cancel out the sticky features it has and you will be able to remove with a spoon or a knife.

Grease also a common and difficult stain to battle when it comes to carpet stains. But the best offense against grease will be dishwasher detergent. All you will need are a few drops of detergent on the grease stain and it will loosen the particles that you will be able to blot it all up. If you are dealing with a large surface area, you will probably need to repeat these steps until it is completely gone and looking clean.